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Now there is an entirely new approach to data processing

Every day, the machine-driven, sensor-rich world generates petabytes of data in different dynamic formats - but the cost and complexity of processing it all blocks the potential value to your business. Sharing or querying data in real time or at scale to monetize it is currently impractical. Answers can take hours, days, or even weeks to process and the techniques available right now are both uneconomical and environmentally unsustainable.

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Explore a new kind of data processing that helps players across industries from the automotive sector to delivery, from logistics to agriculture automation, from aviation to gaming and many more to maximise the value and impact of the data they are generating. By processing spatiotemporal data in real-time, data scientists can finally close the gap between the data flows coming from their sensors and their models, helping to unlock game-changing new use cases.

Data Science Development

Accelerate how data is explored, aggregated and isolated to build models and drive analysis.

Last Mile Optimisation

Avoid driver arrival delays and optimize driver supply and demand.

Asset Tracking

Accurately and cost-effectively track and query the location of cars, tanks, containers – you name it.

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